The Victor Seismic standard range of fluid viscous dampers is suitable for a wide variety of buildings with incremental sizes from 250 kN to 3,000 kN.  Fluid viscous dampers outside this range are also available and can be quoted in a project specific basis.

We also offer flexibility in the scope of supply to suit your project requirements. For many installations, the fluid viscous damper will require an extension section / structural extender to connect it to the building structure.  We offer the option of Victor Seismic supplying the structural extenders or you can source them separately from your steelwork supplier.  In the case of steelwork supplier manufacture, we can supply manufacturing drawings plus any interface components for welding to the extenders.

Depending on your preferred procurement method, Victor Seismic offer different structural extender arrangements.  Our base option is suitable for steelwork supplier manufacture of the structural extenders.  This represents the most cost effective option for fluid viscous damper supply. 

For projects in which the fluid viscous dampers are visible and aesthetic considerations are more important, we can offer smaller diameter extenders with more discrete bolting as an alternative.  This option is only available for manufacture by Victor Seismic.

For the pinned ends we offer the option of male or female clevises.

Victor Seismic fluid viscous dampers include innovative features for improved safety and operation.  All our fluid viscous dampers include full thermal pressure compensation.   In a seismic event the energy is absorbed in the fluid viscous damper as heat and this causes the fluid to expand.  To avoid the increase in heat causing excessive static pressures within the damper, each Victor Seismic damper is fitted with a patented method of automatically diverting expanded fluid to an integral accumulator.  This method reduces pressures in the fluid viscous damper to lower and safer levels and, after the earthquake has finished, the same device automatically reinstates the fluid back into the damper as it cools down. 

Victor Seismic designs and manufactures dampers in Christchurch, New Zealand.

More details on our fluid viscous dampers will be available on this website in the near future.



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