Operation and Safety

Victor Seismic fluid viscous dampers are designed and manufactured to be maintenance free. Fluid viscous dampers are self-operating and require no re-charging or calibration after the initial installation.  

All Victor Seismic fluid viscous dampers include full thermally induced pressure compensation.  Fluid viscous dampers absorb energy during an earthquake and heat up as a result.  The fluid inside the dampers also heats up and expands.  Victor Seismic fluid viscous dampers incorporate a patented device in each damper to divert excess fluid from the damper to an integral accumulator.  Through this mechanism there is no increased pressure experienced by the damper due to thermal expansion of the fluid.

This significantly reduces the total pressure that the damper experiences during an event and the process keeps the fluid viscous damper operating pressure at lower and safer levels.  As the damper cools down after the event, the fluid viscous damper automatically feeds the fluid back from the accumulator into the damper.

Victor Seismic - Operation and Safety