New Zealand has a great heritage of taking niche technology and developing it into world beating products – Gallagher with the electric fence, Hamilton Jet with the Jet Boat and Buckley Systems work with precision electromagnets, to name a few. Victor Seismic continues this tradition as the only company in New Zealand and the southern hemisphere to manufacture fluid viscous dampers.

The Victor name has a long tradition. Victor Seismic is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Hydraulics. The design and manufacture of dampers is complementary to Victor skills and experience. Our highly innovative low pressure fluid viscous damper technology leads the world in reliability.

Victor Hydraulics has been manufacturing in Christchurch for over 60 years. Our journey has led us into highly specialised manufacturing with multinational companies requiring six sigma quality. Our engineering experience has generated an underlying culture of innovation that has become part of our DNA and this skill set has encouraged the Callaghan Institute to provide funding for development of a fluid viscous damper based on New Zealand's long experience with leading edge earthquake knowledge. Fully accredited independent testing facilities are used to validate the product.

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