Through innovative design and technology, internationally recognised quality and customised delivery solutions, Victors have forged a strong reputation from their New Zealand base over the last 60 years.

Our engineering expertise is based on an underlying culture of innovation and quality that has become part of our DNA and this skillset encouraged the Callaghan Institute to provide funding for the development a fluid viscous damper based on New Zealand's long experience with leading edge earthquake research.

Although relatively new to the New Zealand market, fluid viscous dampers are proven technology to many earthquake prone countries in areas such as North America and Asia. For both new buildings and seismic upgrades, Victor Seismic fluid viscous dampers provide an efficient and cost effective means of protecting structures against seismic events.

Fluid viscous dampers operate as "shock absorbers" for structures, absorbing energy during an earthquake. Damped structures experience reduced accelerations, displacements and loads during an earthquake, which significantly reduces structural damage. The building fit-out and contents are also less subject to damage. After the event the viscous fluid dampers revert to their original state ready for future events. The lower level of damage experienced by damped structures reduces the time required before they can be reoccupied after a seismic event. 

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